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One of Bangladesh’s batting linchpins Mushfiqur Rahim needs to change his batting approach in crunch situations as his pre-meditated methods may not pay good dividends said his mentor Nazmul Abedin on Friday (July 27th). Rahim swung a low full-toss straight to deep mid-wicket when his side needed 8 off 6 in the ongoing series against Windies. Eventually, Bangladesh lost the second ODI by 3 runs.
Rahim in the past has been guilty of letting the pressure get to him as evidenced in that now famous heart-breaking loss against India in the World T20 in Bengaluru. So a worrying pattern is beginning to emerge which isn’t good news for the cricket-­mad fans from the small country.
Abedin has known Mush­fiqur from his school days at BKSP as he was one of the cricket coaches of the country’s only sports institute before joining the Bangladesh Cricket Board later. Though he was engaged with several cricketers of BKSP, it is widely regarded that he is a pillar of strength for the wicket-keeper batsman as far as his cricketing skill is concerned after developing a good understanding working together.
”I don’t agree that there is any mental barrier because time and again we have seen his mental toughness in trying times,” Nazmul told Cricbuzz on Friday (July 27th). “I think it is more with approach and application,” he said. ”If you had seen in all the circumstances he had tried to clear the midwicket region with his trademark shot that is considered to be his area of strength as far as his batting is concer­ned,” he said.
”It implies that he is developing a pre-meditated min­dset in conditions and that is the area he needs to work, to come over it,” he said. ”He needs to understand that modern bowlers will try to tempt him to do it again and again, so instead of repeating the mistake again, he should play it a lot straighter” he added.

Nazmul believes that another reason behind his failure is lack of similar conditions in domestic cricket where the intensity level is far too less to prepare them for handling those situations.
Mushfiqur has always been one of the hardest working cricketers in the national team and his determination and dedication are credited as the main reason behind his success.