Munshiganj Correspondent
With the change of time, now Munshiganj Regional Passport Office has been digitalised. Unlike the past, there is no more harassment and meddling of brokers.
Several shops around the passport office have closed, thanks to police administration, preventing passports falling in the hands of brokers.
Prior to digitalisation, staffs of the office were having difficulties in providing day to day services. However it is no longer the case, observed a number of customers.
“Three or four years ago, it was impossible to create a passport without a broker as they would not let ordinary people enter the office. But now the whole scenario has changed,” said a senior citizen who regularly visits this regional passport office.The Citizen Charter has been modernised in Munshiganj Regional Passport Office to warn customers against brokers, informing the customer in details how to get services directly from the office.
The staffs’ names and mobile numbers have been displayed to the public, a demo form has been filled as a sample of how to complete a new passport form.
Adequate number of fans and 9 CC cameras has been added for customer convenience as well as mineral water and wheelchair facilities for the disabled.
If there is any problem with the passports, the contact numbers of senior officials of the office have been displayed at various places for immediate communication.
Anyone who collects the numbers from there can speak directly to a senior official and discuss the problem. Online customers can fill their forms properly and easily submit. Complaints and advice boxes were also placed for complaints or suggestions.
Halima Khatun, assistant director of Munshiganj regional passport office said, “After taking responsibility in the passport office, I am trying to give the best services to customers. I have been cooperating with deputy commissioner Saila Farzana and Superintendent of Police Zahidul Alom. As a result, the passport office was able to get rid of the brokers and is now modern. I hope everyone will get better services.”