Delwar Kabir, Jhenidah
Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) in Jhenidah
has spent a total of around Tk 800 crore in last nine years in structural development activities, said the sources of LGED.
A good number of amounts were spent in constructing and maintaining the roads, bridges and Muktijoddhda Complex, a residential building for the insolvent freedom fighters, establishment and maintenance of Muktijodhda memorial and Bangladesh Institute of Research and Training on Applied Nutrition (BIRTAN).
Abide the traditional activities, construction of the building for the freedom fighters, residents for the insolvent freedom fighters, establishment and maintenance of freedom fighters’ memorial, district and upazila level server stations, upazila parishad complex and BIRTAN are widely visible to the people.
When this correspondent visited Kotchandpur, Moheshpur and Shailkupa upazila, he talked to a number of freedom fighters, their wives and other office bearers.
Kazi Abdus Satter, commander of Bangladesh Muktijoddha Sangshad’s Moheshpur pourasabha unit, said that they are happy over receiving the three-storied complex for the freedom fighters.
They will give rent of the ground floor and first floor, while use the second floor as their office. Income from the rent of the ground and first floor, they will manage the office for income generation activities and welfare of the freedom fighters, he added.
The second floor will accommodate their office and meeting. The building was a long cherished desire of the freedom fighters.
The LGED constructed the building on 10 decimals of land at a cost of Tk 1.58 crore. Electricity supply including soar facilities and modern communication set ups are available in the building, Kazi Abdus Satter said with proud. Shahara Khatun, wife of late freedom fighter and former chairman of Umedpur Union Parishad Wazed Ali Dudu Mia, said that she along with her children were in trouble for want of a house.
The government had provided a building house at Royera in Shailkupa upazila.
Shikder Moasharraf Hossain Sona, chairman of Shailkupa upazila parishad when contacted said that they owned a three-storied modern building.
The space problems of various departments are no more after completion of the Upazila parishad building by the LGED, Shikder said.
Office sources of the executive engineer of the LGED in Jhenidah said that they spent Taka 41957.51 lakh for road development, Taka 19621.60 lakh for road maintenance, Taka 2018.99 lakh for bridge construction, Taka 323.11 lakh for 12 markets development, Taka 996.14 lakh for five Muktijoddha Complexes construction, Taka 311.43 lakh for construction of five residents for the land less freedom fighters, Taka 974.29 lakh for BIRTAN construction, Taka 974.29 lakh for the construction of four union land offices.
The department has constructed two upazila parishad complexes at a cost of Tk 1,059.90 lakg, Taka 145.00 lakh for two upazila server station construction, Taka 35.35 lakh for two freedom fighters memorials construction and maintenance, Taka 231.85 lakh for 47 structural development and Taka 8757.37 lakh for the construction of 154 primary school buildings in the district.
Abdul Malek, Executive Engineer of Jhenidah LGED when contacted said they feel pride as they
could participate in the construction work of the vast development
Visibility of the construction work in the district means the visible development of the government, said the executive engineer.