English actor Rowan Atkinson says it is unlikely that his iconic character Mr Bean will ever return. “I doubt he will reappear. But you never know,” Atkinson said on The Graham Norton Show.
Mr Bean was first seen in the 1990s in a sitcom of the same name and gained huge popularity among children and adults alike throughout the world. The character was developed by Atkinson himself when he was studying for his Master’s degree at the Oxford University.
Rowan Atkinson was speaking to Irish TV host Graham Norton on his BBC show. He added, “You must never say never again. You must never say never, but there does come a point where you feel like you’ve done the most of what you want to do with things.”
Mr Bean also inspired an animated series and two feature films – ‘Bean’ and ‘Mr Bean’s Holiday’, both commercial successes. The character almost never speaks apart from a few largely unintelligible mumbles. The sketches rely almost purely on physical comedy. Mr Bean is a child inside a man’s body. He seems to be unaware of how the world works in general and employs over-the-top solutions to everyday problems. He is always clad in his trademark tweed jacket and a red tie. Every episode of the show begins with Mr Bean falling from the sky in a spotlight, hinting at his alien aspect.
Rowan Atkinson can currently be seen in ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’, the third installment in the ‘Johnny English’ series.
—Source: Daily Mail

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