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The government is going to bring more 1,200 non-government educational institutions, including schools and colleges, under the Monthly Pay Order (MPO) coverage after 8 years.
Meanwhile, a scheme has already been taken alongside forming two committees to implement the plans rapidly, according to the Ministry of Education.
Earlier, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina discussed the issue while speaking before the parliament.
The government would take up a scheme soon to bring non-government educational institutions under the MPO coverage, she said.
She informed the parliament on that time that the government has brought 137,546 teachers and staff of non-government secondary schools, colleges and madrasas under the MPO coverage since 2009.
However, the newly formed committees and higher officials of the ministry have held talks recently with respect to the issue where they came up with some decisions, like making an automatic software, grading the non-government educational institutes, design an application form, justifying the data inputted by the aspirant institutes, analysis and recommending to the government etc.
A committee member informed, Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics (BANBEIS) with the help of engineering university BUET would make a automatic software by which the data of educational institutes would be collected and analyzed so that they can highlights the institutes those are more qualified to the scheme.
A committee of the two, consists of 9 members and headed by Jabed Ahmed, additional secretary, secondary and higher education division, has been assigned to analyze and recommend the institutes by MPO policy 2018 for bringing into the coverage.
Another committee, consists of 8 members, is headed by Director General of BANBEIS Md Fasiullah, which will perform the technical works including receiving online application and data processing etc.
However, the secretary of the division Shohrab Hossain ordered to prepare primary database of institutions and mark those are qualified for the MPO coverage within 15 days.
Currently, some 28,000 educational institutes exist as MPO covered, according to the data of Education Ministry.
Higher officials of the ministry believe there are minimum three thousand eligible institutes while the non-MPO’s number counts 5,373.
But the expenditure will hit to intolerable level suddenly if all the institutions get MPO coverage together, said an official of the ministry seeking anonymity.
So the government is trying to cover with rational motion, he added.
On the other hand, the teacher-officials of the non-MPO institutes were continued their movement for 11 days till Thursday in front of National Press Club.
President of the federation of teacher-staffs of non-MPO institutes demanded that all the non-MPO institutes have to bring under MPO coverage.