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Habibullah Mizan
A global network is active in influencing election in Bangladesh, and they are sending a huge amount of black money through various countries.
A recent attempt to bring money to Bangladesh through Japan was failed, informed sources said.
Some anti-government vested quarters are allegedly trying to bring huge amount of black money from abroad in a bid to manipulate or disrupt the next parliamentary elections scheduled for December 30.
If the opposition alliance fails to manipulate the result, they will try to disrupt the polls, some political analysts suspect.
The election is being considered by the BNP leadership in exile as a question of life and death for them. They might have thought they would not be able to beat the incumbent government in this election and if the government goes unchallenged, according to them, they will fall in a long debacle.
Political battle usually takes long time but it appears that the present leadership of BNP does not have enough patience for retaliation.
It is presumed that the unscrupulous traders have chosen Japan as its monetary system is much softer than any other country’s. Misusing the soft financial policy of Japan, opposition politicians have been making reported attempts to bring huge amount of money in Bangladesh ahead of the 11th general elections.
However, they have failed miserably as the law enforcing agencies have already started working on it. They are trying to find out who were the original owners of the black money, which were deposited abroad. During primary investigation, they gathered names of some individuals and companies who might have been involved in the process.
Describing the process of black money transactions, a government official said there are several illegal means of black money transitions. Some dishonest businessmen bring this black money in the name of exporting their products. Sometimes, they receive the money though they did not export any products abroad. In such cases, they send blank containers to the fake importers. In the name of paying the export bills, the importers then send the money.
Sometimes, some local importers open fake Letter of Credit (LC) with some banks in association with corrupt bankers. They bring blank containers in the name of importing products from abroad. At one stage, they send funds in the name of paying the import bills to the fake importers. Later this money returns to Bangladesh through different countries for dodging the law enforcers.
It is said that a significant amount of this money will be used for manipulating the coming national election.
Some anti-liberation forces are also trying to bring foreign funds in the name of charity works in association with some suspicious NGOs.
However, strong vigilances have been started to resist bringing any black money from abroad to manipulate and disrupt the next polls.
The government high-ups have already given necessary instructions to the officers concerned so that the inflow of such fund can be checked.