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Mahadi Hasan Badhon
Mosquito menace has intensified in the city, especially with a distinct rise in mosquito population.
People living in most areas said they are alarmed by the invasion of mosquitoes that increase in vast numbers soon after sunset. They alleged that delay on the part of both Dhaka South City Corporation (DSSC) and Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) officials to ‘evolve’ new measures to prevent excessive breeding of mosquitoes has led to the present situation.
Both the city corporations came under heavy criticism following the sudden outbreak of Chikungunya disease at the start of the rainy season last year. In a bid to prevent outbreak of any mosquito-borne disease, especially Malaria, Dengue and Elephantiasis at the arrival of winter, DNCC and DSCC have already intensified the mosquito prevention drives keeping in mind last year’s sudden spread of Dengue in the capital, said officials concerned.
On its part, DSCC has taken a weeklong move which started on Sunday, said DSCC officials.
On Sunday, DSSC embarked on a special larviciding and fogging activity in a move to prevent outbreak of mosquito-borne diseases.
DSCC Chief Health Officer Sheikh Salahuddin said the corporation has already taken up a special week-long programme to prevent the spread of Aedes, Culex and Anopheles mosquito, the carrier of many diseases, in this winter.
Under the programme, special inspection teams, comprising DSCC officials and local volunteers, would inspect every household under its 57 Wards to identify mosquito larva and then those identified breeding grounds and larva would be destroyed using fogging and larviciding machines.
Replying to a query, he said, the corporation has been trying to do its best to prevent mosquito-borne diseases.
“But it is not possible for the corporation alone to check it. City dwellers have to be more conscious and also come up to help the corporation,” he added.
When contacted, the DNCC Panel Mayor-3 Aleya Sarwar Daisy told Bangladesh Post that they have already completed a weeklong special programme to destroy larva of Aedes mosquito as well as breeding grounds in each of 36 Wards under her supervision.
Replying to a question, she said, last year Chikungunya was widespread in Dhaka metropolitan area emphasising that, “At that time, I along with late Mayor Anisul Huq took emergency initiative. One of my photos and videos of fogging with fogger machine went viral on social media.”
“After our initiative, it was totally brought under control, thanks to awareness of the city dwellers alongside the corporation’s strong initiatives”, she said.
Similarly, if the city dwellers cooperate with the corporation and they become more conscious, “We are hopeful to control the outbreak of mosquito-borne diseases,” she added.
DSCC official concerned said, “The DSCC will use 324 hand-spray machines, 247 foggers, and 20 wheel-barrow machines functioning to conduct anti-mosquito drive under the corporation areas.”
DSCC Mayor Sayeed Khokon said on Sunday, “This Year, there has been more rain in advance. As a result, mosquito infestation has increased. We took the ‘crash programme’ initiative more than once to control the outbreak of Dengue.”
He also said, “This time, infestation of ‘Culex mosquito’ has increased due to winter. In order to control this mosquito, we will make a fruitful effort through our maximum manpower in this regard.”
“Our mosquito controlling programme will continue all the time. If fogger man is absent in any area of DSCC and the city dwellers can inform our local office, our workers will go to spread mosquito control medicine”, he added.
Larviciding is an ecologically safe preventive method used to interrupt the development of larvae or pupa into adult mosquitoes. Fogging is a technique used for killing insects that involves using a fine pesticide spray, which is directed by a blower.