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The Mitra Bahini by now sensed that the victory for them was close as most supply lines between cantonments and field camps were coming under the control of the Mukti Bahini guerillas. They blew up important bridges and culverts to deter military vehicles from operating between the camps. As a result main cantonments found it extremely difficult to send reinforcements and logistics supply to the various camps where Pakistani soldiers faced attacks from the Mitra Bahini. In many camps food supply almost fell to nil and soldiers could not go out to fetch food from the villages as they were surrounded by the Guerillas.
Today the Mitra Bahini defeated the Pakistani military and seized Netrokona, Daudkandi and Najirhat. The battle for Daudkandi was one of the fiercest battles in Comilla district.
There was heavy casualty on both sides and at one stage Pakistani soldiers ran towards Meghna Ghat, boarded some passenger launches and fled towards Dhaka. Dhaka Cantonment was the only safe haven for them at that time. The Najirhat battle was also fierce but Pakistanis could not last long as their arms and ammunition almost ended. A big contingent of the enemy soldiers fled towards Chittagong.
The urban guerillas in Dhaka city carried out some daring missions this week. They blew up electricity towers in Malibagh and Rampura and attacked some army personnel in various places. The authorities imposed curfew in Dhaka city every night. Pakistani military and Para Military forces raided houses every night in search of Mukti Bahini guerillas. Many young men were arrested and taken to various concentration camps. They were tortured brutally and killed when they refused to divulge names and addresses of their fellow fighters.
Meanwhile, the threat of Chinese soldiers entering Bangladesh to help Pakistani military spread panic among the Bengalis everywhere. The report of the US 7th Fleet coming towards Bangladesh also dampened the spirit of the freedom-seeking Bengalis. But in various battle fields brave Bengali guerrillas did not stop their attack on Pakistani camps. The war went on.