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On 8 December in 1971, KILO FLIGHT and the Indian Airforce’s aircraft carried out many sorties on Pakistan army positions, theirs convoy and bunkers in and around Sylhet city whole day and devastated them in such a way that they were on the run to retreat fast and got isolated.
Captain Shahab, who played a crucial role in the operation, said now Mitro Bahini and Mukti Bahini secured themselves around the perimeter of Sylhet city.
Meanwhile, he went on, 8th mountain division of Indian army under the command of General K V Krisna Rao was required to be positioned at a site named Mirpara, which was located on the north bank of Surma River and to the south-west of Sylhet city, with heliborne operations to drop troops.
Capt Shahab said the KILO FLIGHT was called in for armed escorts operations for safe disembarkation of the troops at this site.
According to the planning, Squadron Leader Sultan Mahmud Bir Uttam and Flight Lieutenant C M Singla Vir Chakra were giving the coverage for this operation, and troops positioning was successfully done by 5pm on that evening, said Capt Shahab.
KILO FLIGHT helicopter fired 36 French Matra rockets on Pakistan army to disperse them, Shahab said, adding that now the Mitro Bahini and Mukti Bahini were ready to enter Sylhet city for hand to hand fight to occupy it.
The next day (9 December 1971) ‘The Times of India’ and ‘Indian Express’ published news on the operation, said he.