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Diabetes Association of Bangladesh (BADAS) has initiated a month long programme to test diabetes free of cost in more than one lakh people to mark the World Diabetes Day’ on November 14, said a BADAS official.
This programme will be carried out through trained healthcare workers in all the centres of the association and its affiliate hospitals around the country, the official said.
Apart from that, various educational institutions, governmental and non-governmental organisations will also be brought under the programme through setting up a specialised centre.
Anyone, aged at least 18 years and having no capacity to test diabetes, may come to these centres to check the disease without any charge, BADAS officials said.
BADAS director Farid Kabir told Bangladesh Post, “This year, we started our programme from October 31 and will continue till 30 November with a target to test diabetes in more than one lakh people around the country.”
“Our programme will be carried out in 800 spots of 500 thana around the country. To implement it, a team comprising 5-6 healthcare members has been formed for each spot. They will test diabetes in more than 100 people at every spot,” he said.
“Our voluntary healthcare activists will stay for one or two days at each spot. The persons coming to the spots with an empty stomach will be tested,” he added.
Alongside BADAS, Dhaka South City Corporation launched free healthcare services from October 19 for city dwellers of 57 wards in DSCC area to observe the birthday of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
BADAS, in collaboration with the DSCC, also performed their free diabetes test programme on October 31, November 1 and 3 in Dhaka Metropolitan area, said Farid Kabir.