BP Report
Momo Inn Hotel & Resort, a five-star hotel in Bogura – one of the northern districts of Bangladesh, recently celebrated the first anniversary. A grand celebration was organised on this occasion where a large number of guests attended. The hotel offer the guests the opportunities to discover the possibilities with a collection of experiences that has exclusive access to the world’s most captivating people and places at Bogra.
Either for traveling on business or pleasure, one can choose Momo Inn among a variety of hotels in the region as it provides all facilities being a five-star hotel and resort in North Bengal’s most beautiful landmarks. This bespoke extreme travel excursions to behind-the-scenes tours of where luxury is made.
Guests can share their experience with the roof top swimming pool, biggest garden, lakeside view, landscape view from the rooms and highly technological room decorated with one-touch system.
There is a transportation system for safe and comfortable journey and one can pick helicopter of the hotel’s own or tourist coach or car etc.
The hotel management offers spacious and fully-equipped self-catering apartments that are located within the hotel land inclusive bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and lounge and dinner. All hotels facilities are open to self catering guests even room service with friendly attentive service at a value conscious price.
Guests who want to enjoy every single day of stay can surely get services with full guarantee, assures the management. The professional and friendly staffs at Momo Inn are committed to making the stay for guests both enjoyable and comfortable.