New Delhi Correspondent
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday slammed as “unwanted” the hug he got from top opposition leader Rahul Gandhi in Parliament on Friday and said it was a result of the opposition’s lack of reason for their no-confidence motion against his government.
“We asked the reasons for their no confidence but when they failed to give it they ended up giving an unwanted hug,” Modi said, referring to Rahul’s gesture during a debate on the opposition-sponsored no-confidence motion, the first against Modi. The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance defeated the no-trust vote with nearly three-fourths of majority.
Addressing a farmers’rally in Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh state, Modi said the coming together of several parties against the BJP is because they were running after the Prime Minister’s chair, ignoring the poor, youth and farmers. He used a Hindi expression that translates to “the more the parties, the more the marshy land in which the ‘lotus’ (BJP’s election symbol) blooms.”
“If one dal (party) is added to another dal, then it becomes ‘dal-dal (marshy land) which is favourable for ‘kamal’ (lotus) to bloom,” said Modi known for his penchant to play with words.
Meanwhile, Rahul, the President of Congress party, on Saturday said that only way to build a nation was by harnessing love and compassion of people. He said yesterday’s debate in Parliament on the no-confidence motion was about the prime minister using “hate, fear and anger” in the hearts of some people to build his narrative, and the Congress countering that through love and compassion.

“The point of yesterday’s debate in Parliament.. PM uses Hate, Fear and Anger in the hearts of some of our people to build his narrative. We are going to prove that Love and Compassion in the hearts of all Indians, is the only way to build a nation (sic),”Rahul said on Twitter.