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Jhenidah Correspondent
Unknown miscreants have set fire to the harvested Aman paddy of two poor farmers in Jhenidah on Thursday evening. The farmers are now at a loss as their livelihood for at least six months have thus been snatched away. The fire incident took place at Hazampara field under Sailkupa municipality area.
Affected farmer Golam Mostafa said he left the harvested Aman paddy on his plot in the afternoon. In the evening, he arrived to the plot after receiving a phone call from a neighbor. He witnessed that the stack of paddy that contained at least eight maunds of paddy, was burnt to ashes. The paddy could meet his food demand for at least six months, Golam Mostafa said.
Kartik Das, another farmer of Khalkula said the miscreants also set his paddy stack alight at the same place. But locals brought the fire under control with water immediately. Both Golam Mostafa and Kartik Das could not suspect any one for
the arson.