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Awami League Presidium Member and Health and Family Welfare Minister Mohammed Nasim today said minority community people remain safe whenever Awami League stays in power.
“You will remain safe till Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina remains in power,” he told the audience at the first session of biennial conference of Mahanagar Sarbajanin Puja Committee on the premises of Dhakeswari National Temple.
He said,” Minority community people feel free to talk with
Awami League about their problems and we also extend all-out cooperation.”
Food Minister Advocate Qamrul Islam, lawmakers Haji Mohammad Selim and Pankaj Debnath, Dhaka City South Awami League acting president Dr Dilip Roy and Mahanagar Sarbajanin Puja Committee General Secretary Advocate Shyamal Kumar Roy spoke at the function, among others. Mahanagar Sarbajanin Puja Committee President DN Chattarjee chaired the first session of biennial conference.
Earlier, Indian Deputy High Commissioner in Dhaka Dr Adarsh Swaika inaugurated the conference lighting “Mangal Prodip”, where a number of devotees also took part.
Nasim said BNP-Jamaat carried out brutal tortures and repression on minority community people after going to power through conspiracy in 2001.
The people of Bangladesh do not want to witness such violent acts anymore, he said.
AL presidium member said the people will again cast their votes in favour of Awami League in the next general election.
He said there is no alternative to victory of pro-liberation force. If anti-liberation forces come to power, the minority people
will be victims of tortures and Bangladesh will turn into a terrorist country.