A 15-year old Sumaiya brutally tortures her own cousin and adopted sister nine-year old Lamia at the balcony of their home.

Brahmanbaria Correspondent
Lamia, a nine year old minor girl living at her uncle’s house, was rescued by police on Friday after being severely tortured at hands of her own blood relatives throughout Thursday.
It has been learnt that police recovered a bleeding Lamia from Medda area under Brahmanbaria town after being tipped off by the neighbours, and immediately rushed her to district Sadar Hospital. According to local sources, since she lost both her parents at the age of two, she was being brought up by her uncle Ramadan as an adopted daughter.
No sooner had she crossed five, her own aunt, Nehar Sultana (45), along with her (Nehar) two cousins, Ruma Akter Rumpa (21), and Tabassum Sumaiya (15), started torturing her physically and mentally. Since then, it is a same old story.
Lamia’s neighbours alleged that whenever the minor girl made any mistake performing the household works of the whole family, brutal torture inflicted by her aunt and cousins was her fate.
They said on Thursday, people of the area could not bear any more. Being fade up hearing the non-stop heart-rending screaming of the nine years old girl, they finally informed police. Police detained Lamia’s aunt Nehar and cousins Ruma and Sumaiya on the same day.
Meanwhile, a video footage of lamia’s cousins torturing her at the balcony of their house went viral on different social media since Friday.
In the footage it is seen that Ruma and Sumaiya beating lamia with shoe and stick for a long time. Whenever the minor tried to scream they covered her mouth with their hands.
Brahmanbaria Sadar thana officer-in-charge Ziaul Huq on Saturday noon said, “Lamia was used to perform all the household works like a maid servant, she was not being brought up as an adopted daughter. Her aunt and cousins used to torture her brutally on simple grounds.”
“The minor girl has signs of being tortured all over her body; continuous brutal torture has pushed her towards mental illness,” the OC said in sorrow, before adding that she cannot talk normally now.
A case has been filed against five members of Ramdan’s family in women and child repression prevention act.