Anisur Rahman Milon and Moushumi Hamid has paired up for the upcoming television drama ‘Ekti Chithi’, written by Doyal Saha and directed by Sajjad Sumon. The drama casts Milon as Hasan, Moushumi as Rupa and Ariya Arittra as Simi.
Director Sajjad Sumon is quite hopeful about ‘Ekti Chithi’. He said, “This is a story about humanity. I have directed this outside the monotonous frame of the film world. So I hope that, audience will see the drama. In the near future I want to work more in these kinds of project.”
In the tele-drama, we see Hasan working in a private firm. He has no relatives. After his wife’s demise, he lives along with his daughter Simi in a sub-let. While Hasan is at work, Simi is at home by herself. In the meantime, Rupa and her mother arrive as the next door neighbour. Slowly Rupa and Simi become friends. Rupa’s love and care starts to fill the void steadily, left by Simi’s mom. For this Hasan is in debt to Rupa. Due to Simi, Hasan and Rupa come close to each other.
On the other hand, Hasan doesn’t have much time. He is suffering from cancer. He has hid this from everybody. Thus Hasan writes a letter to Rupa. He wants Rupa to be the guarantor of both Simi and the fortune he is leaving behind for his daughter. At the same time, Rupa’s wedding is fixed, which puts Hasan in a dilemma. Will Rupa pick up Simi’s responsibility? Only time will tell what lies ahead.

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