As winter sets in Bangladesh, migratory birds have started arriving at different wetlands in the country. The photo shows a group of migrant birds gathering at the Jahangirnagar University campus at Savar in the capital. Photo: Zakir Hossain

Staff Correspondent
With the advent of winter, migratory birds have started arriving at Jahangirnagar University (JU) known as bird sanctuary in the country.
Every year during this time the JU lakes wear a blissful look with big and colorful water lilies and different species of migratory birds.
A huge number of bird loving people also started thronging the JU campus lake to observe the colorful birds chirping and flying one place to another.
Failing to bear the bitter chill of winter, hundreds of thousands birds from Siberia, China, Himalayans, Mongolia, Xinxian, and other cold territories migrate to Bangladesh in water bodies.
Among bird species, the lesser whistling ducks known as Choto Sorali and greater whistling ducks known as Boro Sorali are found more in JU lakes than other species. There are also Lesser Whistling Teal (Chhota Sarali), Greater Whistling Teal ( Bara Sarali), Cotton Pigmy Goose (Balihansh), Pochard (Bhulihansh), Darters (Snake bird), Pintail Duck, Heron, Comb Duck Gurgani, and Flycatcher among the birds.
Though the number of migratory birds in the Bangladesh has dramatically decreased due to climate change and other natural phenomenon, apparently, the scene on the JU campus is really different.
The fort-like red coloured buildings, the evergreen trees, waterlily-decorated lakes, the calm and quiet environment of the Jahangirnagar University have made the campus really a heaven for birds which is now a central attraction for many people.