It was reported not long ago that the Chuadanga district police held more than 200 students, who used to idle away their time from evening till midnight by doing nothing but hanging out with friends, and later released them to their parents with a promise that they would never do the same again. While this has, of late, been a regular scenario in terms of teenagers passing their precious time having themselves occupied in activities of no value, the Chuadanga police have rightly taken steps to prevent the youngsters from those occupations.
Young generations work as the life-force for a country because they will one day steer the nation towards development and enrichment. A country which fails to protect its young generations from getting spoiled can never go a long way. For a country to look socially and economically consolidated in the long run, there is no alternative to a conscientious and forward-looking young generation. And it is the duty of the elderly, and in fact all others, to guide them to that path.
But unfortunately, many of our young people are involving themselves into waywardness where collective failure is of the guardians and the elderly people in society. It is their failure, or say lack of concern, to teach them how these bad habits harm their future and what the means are to overcome those. In a busy commercial life in towns and cities, most parents fail to learn what their children are doing during their absence. On the other hand, many rural parents, who even are not engaged in other than household activities, are also unconcerned about the doings of their children during and after school times. Amid such a scenario, police and local socio-political organisations have some duty, and the Chuadanga police did theirs.
If youngsters could be driven on the right path defined for their psychological and moral fortification, and for coagulating the social base, the country will be benefitted at all ends. We hope all police administrations working in all other districts in the country will come forward with their special ideas to protect the young generations. At the same time, the social and political institutions are also hoped to ensure their wholehearted support to it. Guardians must play their roles properly. Let a smart and psychologically developed young generation grow up by bringing them back to the study table.