Pursuing passion or working to realize someone’s passion is a great feat of diligence that can seldom be achieved. Why did you decide to pursue what you like as work?
The main thing that made all four of us come together was an event we got offered by one of our friend’s sister to place a stall. We decided to sell some of our handmade candles and paintings. We were always passionate about making creative things and doing business. That event and especially the response we got from it was our triggering point.

How did the idea of using a digital platform come into mind?
Before we started doing business, we were already managing a page. So, we got invited to various events that showcased online stores. One eventwe remember in particular was Made in Bangladesh (MIB) Meetup where we were invited to do a live session. So, we came across many creative stores like Made with Love, Stellar, that were doing phenomenal as online businesses. That, along with the low costs involved with it, made us realize that the digital arena especially Facebook was the perfect platform for us.

What was the primary reaction of your surroundings: family and friends, regarding your business?
Initially, most of our family members didn’t take it seriously. They thought that we were just doing something as a hobby for a while and that it would not sustain longer. They were supportive obviously, but we don’t think anyone expected us to be as serious about this store as we turned out to be. Our families are a lot more aware of Newton’s Archive now. They support us, buy from us and also visit our stalls whenever we participate in events.

What were the barriers that you faced while advancing towards your passion?
Because the four of us are university students, the primary barrier was our college going lifestyle. We have studies, part times jobs etc which took up a lot of our time. Alongside, the overall procurement of raw materials acted as an initial barrier as we really had to work hard to find suppliers who were willing to supply things to us in smaller amounts.

What strategies do you follow in order to reach a wider target group?
We have been fortunate since we now have a set of very loyal customers who regularly buy from us. So, the word of mouth that comes from there usually does the marketing for us. Other than that, we primarily focus on more interactive forms of online marketing and we also attend many events with our stall to reach a wider customer base.

What would be your suggestion for the upcoming online entrepreneurs?
If you want to start a business, go ahead with it. If you find people who share your vision and are willing to work equally as hard, take them in your team. Don’t wait around for people to say that it’s okay to do something. Make that decision for yourself. And lastly, invest a lot of time in product development. It’s more important than it looks, especially today since the market is gradually getting saturated.

The writer is tall enough to reach such online business tycoons.