Mosquitoes in Dhaka these days are nothing short of flying menaces. Day or night, they swarm at our homes, offices and even inside moving vehicles! They transmit diseases like dengue, chikungunya and malaria and the number of mosquitoes is increasing at an alarming rate in the capital. According to media sources, particular areas of the capital are especially prone to being breeding grounds for mosquitoes because they retain water after rainfall. But the concerning issue is that even the other dry areas are not treated with pesticides by the city corporation so the mosquitoes are reigning everywhere.
What happens in Dhaka during monsoon is that the rain water remains trapped in many places which provide the ideal environment for the mosquitoes to breed. Moreover, flower pots, abandoned jerrycans etc can contain stagnant water where the mosquitoes can lay eggs. It is hard to believe that a tiny insect such as mosquito can spread diseases such as dengue which can become fatal very quickly. So we have to keep in mind that even one mosquito bite can kill and that is why we should always maintain extra caution about it.
We can shut the doors and windows before sunset, we can brace ourselves with anti-mosquito creams, coils and sprays but none of these are solution for the long run. To make sure that mosquitoes do not become a permanent hazard, authorities concerned have to regularly clean waterlogged areas and treat them with pesticides. Moreover, the number of awareness raising programs on digital media to warn people of dengue and other diseases should be increased.