Staff Correspondent
Actor Mehazabien Chowdhury is back with the upcoming teledrama ‘Ekdin Aprottashito’, written by Masum Shahrier and directed by Sajib Mahmud. The teledrama will be aired tonight at 9:00pm on NTV.
Farhan Ahmed Jovan will be seen playing the character of Ranjan while Mehazabien will be seen as Chittra. Other cast members include Naresh Bhuiyan, Emon, Fahmi and others.
While talking about ‘Ekdin Aprottashito’ actor Mehazabien said, “The drama has a lot of similarities with its name. A bit different than other drama’s but hopefully it will be to everyone’s liking.”
The teledrama will see the couple of Ranjann and Chittra happily married for six years. At a party, a physician by the name of Muntasir makes a prophecy for Chittra by saying October 15 is going to be a special day for her. On that day, something unexpected is going to happen to her. After hearing that, Chittra starts seeing nightmares. She suddenly wakes from her sleep and asks Ranjan what day is it today? October 15? What might happen today, is all Chittra could think. She starts havng a lot of omonious thoughts. She prepares herself for all sorts of news and situatons and pleads with Ranjan to not to go to office today. Ranjan leaves for office by saying he will be back soon. Chittra spends the whole day at home eagerly waiting for the day to pass.