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Films 4 Peace Foundation organised ‘Meet with the Director’ at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, for Youth Peace Film 2018’s participants, on November 24, 2018, from 11:00am to 5:30pm, says a press release.
Prominent director Kawsar Chowdhury was the chief guest of the event. Pervez Siddiqui, Executive Director, Films 4 Peace Foundation, gave the introductory speech after which Kawsar Chowdhury started his discussion by getting acquainted with the participants.
Chowdhury talked on different types of films, fictions, and documentaries along with informative and fictitious films. Participants also shared with Chowdhury about their passion for film making. In his concluding speech, he shared, “To make a film, developing professional understanding within the film set is very important. If everyone on a film set is aware of their responsibilities, it becomes easier to get a perfect production.”
At the end of the session, t-shirts were given to the participants of ‘Youth Peace Film’.