Md Abdul Hannan Ranjan , Netrakona

The harvesting of Aman paddy is going on full- showing in all the ten upazilas of the district as the farmers are expecting good yield of the crop amid favorable weather this year.
The Department of Agriculture Extension (AED), Netrakona had taken up a programs to cultivate 1.25 lukh hectors of land brought under Aman cultivation this season in ten upazilas of the district but this year Aman was cultivated on 1.34 lukh hectors of lands which was exceeded by more than 9000 hectors of lands after taking advantage of the favorable climatic condition and various kinds of proper programme taken by the government in time.
The success of cultivation has been achieved despite the fact that Aman paddy of thousands of hectors lands got damaged by flood this year in the haor and hilly areas in the district, said AED officials.
Some farmers of Durgapur and kalmakanda bordering and hilly areas said, Aman plants were growing well following recent rainfall after a temporary draught like situation here.
Matiur Rahman (35), a farmer of Bausam village under kalmakanda upazila said, he did not face any troubles when he was planting Aman seedlings in his land as the frequent rainfall was helping a lot.
The area sees a good yield of the Aman crop this season as the authorities concerned assist him as like as other farmers.
The different commercial banks including Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB) and NGOs working in the area were distributed short term loans to the farmers to make the programs a success here for Aman cultivation. Excellent growing Aman plants in paddy field has shown eye-catching looks turning farmers happy , face smiling as they got unexpected profit it last year.
Habibur Rahman, Deputy Director of AED, Netrakona said the cultivation target has already been exceeded by 9000 hectors of land, The production of Aman paddy this season exceeded the production target in the district which is much to the delight of farmers, he added.
“This year the excellent growing of Aman paddy fields took turn as Golden color have shown eye-catching looks of the crop field in the areas which turning the farmers face smile, he said.
“With the instruction of the government, we are providing technical support mainly fertilizers. seeds and pest control policy to the farmers to make the production target a success, he added.
Unlike the last couple of years, the paddy plants did not face any pest attack this season and so, the crop grew well this year, farmers said with happiness.
Luthfar Rahman, a farmer of Kamtola village under Atpara upazila said most of his land remained unused during the dry season. But this season he has cultivated Aman crop on it only to recover from the loss during the last Boro season.
Rahmat Ali, a farmer of Pagla village under Kalmakanda upazila said, he cultivated Rabi crops like mug, bean, green chilli, sweet potato and watermelon last year in his land but unfortunately, those Rabi crops had badly damaged by unseasonable rain last year.
This year, he has taken these land under Aman paddy cultivation this season to make up for the losses last year for unseasonable rain.