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Mohammad Zakaria
The government has taken massive plans to dredge four rivers — old Brahmaputra, Dharala, Tulai and Punvorba River — to ensure safe transportation of water vehicles.
In this regard, the shipping ministry has undertaken a massive project styled ‘Navigation Development and Restore of Old Brahmaputra, Dharala, Tulai and Punvorba River’ which is now awaiting approval of the planning ministry, a senior official of the planning commission told Bangladesh Post on Monday.
The Project Evaluation Committee (PEC) of the planning commission has estimated Tk 4,371 crore as cost to implement the massive project. The feasibility study of the project has already been done, he added.
All funds will come from the government exchequer, and Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) will implement the project, the official said.
The tenure of the project is from September 2018 to June 2024.
The project aims for a capital dredging into the four rivers to increase their navigation in order to ensure a smooth flow of the waters. Once the project is implemented, the cost of goods transportation will come down.
The prime activities of the project are dredging 227 kilometre of Old Brahmaputra to increase the navigation of the river. The project also aims to increase navigation through capital dredging of 60 kilometre of Dharala, 70 kilometre of Tulai and 80 kilometre of Punvorba River.
The government will dredge these four rivers through private dredging companies. Each kilometre dredging will cost around Tk 10 crore.
According to the project, these four rivers become dry during the summer season. As a result, all kinds of vehicular movement through these rivers are stopped during this time.
Through capital dredging of these rivers, it will also help harvesting crops at the banks of the rivers.