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S M Mizanur Rahman
The Awami League (AL) government, since its office in January 2009, has undertaken a massive number of development projects worth Taka 20 lakh crore to break the records of any past governments, sources at the Ministry of Planning said.
These development project works, during the 10 year tenure of the government, made a history in this regard since the country’s independence in 1971. All these mega projects are under construction.
Of the major projects, construction work on the groundbreaking work of the ‘Padma Bridge Rail Link Construction Project,’ Metro Rail, Elevated Expressway, Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant, Matarbari Power Hub, Rampal Coal Fired Power Plant, LNG Terminal and Payra and Sonadia Sea Ports are now being implemented in full swing.
Besides, the construction work on a 120km dual-gauge passenger line from Dohazari to Cox’s Bazar and Ghumdhum is also being implemented.
The planning ministry sources claimed that any political party did not embark on so many development projects as AL did in its tenure.
The ruling AL approved a total of 2308 projects. During the period, the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) in its 151 meetings approved these projects.
The Ecnec approved 69 projects at a cost of Tk 13 thousand 783 crore in fiscal 2008-09, 225 projects at a cost of Tk 80 thousand 469 crore in fiscal 2009-10, 250 projects at a cost of Tk one lakh 12 thousand 126 crore in fiscal 2010-11 and 168 projects at a cost of Tk one lakh 61 thousand 260 crore in the fiscal 2011-12.
Besides, in the fiscal 2012-13 Ecnec approved 151 projects at a cost of Tk one lakh six thousand 406 crore while 212 projects were approved at a cost of Tk one lakh 21 thousand 962 crore in the fiscal 2013-14.
Besides, Ecnec approved 212 projects at a cost of taka one lakh 63 thousand 992 crore in the fiscal 2014-2015, 278 projects at a cost of taka two lakh 71 thousand 949 crore in the fiscal 2015-2016 and 252 projects at a cost of taka three lakh 84 thousand 528 crore in the fiscal 2016-2017.
Apart from these, Ecnec also approved 318 projects at a cost of Tk three lakh 66 thousand 429 crore in the fiscal 2017-18, and in the last fiscal 2018-19 Ecnec approved 173 projects at a cost of Tk two lakh 85 thousand 973 crore.
Implementation of various short-, mid-, and long-term development plans has kept Bangladesh on a process of rapid advancement, earning the country’s eligibility to become a developing nation, the sources added.
According to Planning Minister A H M Mustafa Kamal, as the AL government led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina plans to transform Bangladesh into a developed country during a set timeframe from 2021 to 2041, these projects are now being implemented putting high priority.