The very fact that the youths of Bangladesh have not lost the feeling for humanity and also that they do not just spend their time worthlessly on social media platforms is yet again proved. It has been reported that many youths have launched a great enterprise of setting up a ‘Manobotar Deyal’ (The Wall of Humanity) in their respective localities to serve the society’s poor who, at every single moment, have to lose their honour to poverty. And, with the blessing of Facebook, such a unique and voluntary project is being spread and accordingly popularised throughout the country. The well-off section of society can leave their redundant wearables on one side of the wall while, from the other side, the underprivileged people can take away their necessaries. It is needless to say that such a great initiative has been undertaken by the youth section of society keeping the poor’s indescribable sufferings during winter in mind.

Initiated by the head teacher of a Kishoreganj government primary school under the name of ‘Mohanubhobotar Deyal’ (The Wall of Generosity), the humanist approach is now being taken forward by the youths of the country in the name of ‘Manobotar Deyal’. Those who are engaged in such a project have said the deprived section of society, including children, have to undergo huge sufferings due to extreme cold in winter, and this ‘little’ effort is for minimising their miseries. Encouragingly enough, if such an initiative is extensively expanded and one ‘Manobotar Deyal’ is set up at every single locality in the country, no poor people will have to suffer in winter.
Undoubtedly, the country is beset with hundreds of thousands of problems. It is absolutely illogical to expect that every problem will be addressed by the government. In fact, each national problem needs participation at the individual level to find out the best solution to it. Organised efforts can easily overcome a challenge no matter how big the problem is. To this end, the youths of society can play the biggest role.

It gives a huge boost to the psychological strength of a nation to face and overcome a problem when its youths are organised. The chime of humanity that has begun in the mindset of our youths through their ‘Manobotar Deyal’ endeavour is definitely encouraging. Now it is time only to take it forward so that many other issues of greater public importance can also be incorporated into such a project. The poor will then keep benefiting from the ‘Manobotar Deyal’ and the society will be served by its great entrepreneurs.