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In Manikganj, the cultivators of vegetables in the district are making a handsome profit due to good market price of agri-outputs.
The cultivators are optimistic about attaining a good yield of their produce during the current season for congenial weather condition and timely supply of necessary agri-inputs. Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) sources said a total of 7,950 hectares of land have been brought under vegetable cultivation during the current winter season in the district. The sources said the land of Singair upazila, Saturia and Manikganj sadar are suitable for vegetable cultivation including broccoli, tomato, cabbage, radish, bean, brinjal and carrot.
Farmers generally harvest vegetable from the last week of November and it continues till December. Some farmers of the district cultivated vegetable earlier on their high land which have started appearing in local markets. A piece of fresh cabbage is being sold at Tk 25 to Tk 30 in retail market while whole sale price is Tk 15 to Tk 20. Like cabbage one piece of medium sized broccoli is being sold at the same rate in the markets. DAE has taken various steps including timely supply of necessary agri-inputs to the farmers to increase the production of vegetable.