Promila Kanya
A happy child grows up to be a happy adult and happy adults make a happier society. It sounds simple and it is also simple to do. As opposed to general ideas, wealthy parents don’t necessarily make their children happier. Expensive toys and gadgets may keep the children occupied but according to childhood development experts, how much love, attention and care the parents provide them matter the most. Every parent wants the best for their children, no doubt, however, there are ways one can follow to put a big smile on their children’s faces and create some happy memories.
Creating and maintaining a healthy environment at home is extremely important. It is normal for couples to argue but the children must not witness them so before you start a fight, close the door and make sure the children are away from the noise or unpleasant conversations. Moreover, if children grow up watching their parents fight all the time, it will affect their own mindset and character later in life. Studies have shown that violent partners usually have had violent childhoods.
Spending family time is essential for a happy childhood. Once a day, the whole family can have a meal together or once a year everyone could embark on a holiday trip. All these will help strengthen family ties. In Bangladesh, most mothers usually take care of the children and their daily routines but times are changing and it now requires for both parents to become equally involved in raising their children. The check and balance will have to be established by both father and mother.
Instilling and boosting confidence in children is one way to make them happy. Instead of discouraging, bullying or mocking, parents should appreciate and pay attention to the child’s achievements. So your child wants to become an artist but you secretly want her to become a doctor? It’s okay to say yes to her wish now because where life will take her in the next ten years is difficult to determine but whatever she does at present, she just has to be happy while doing it.
Setting rules isn’t easy but it is very necessary. Your children should have a fixed time for eating, bathing, doing homework and sleeping. Of course there will be times when the routine will be flexible, for example during summer holidays, but for regular days there needs to be a schedule. Staying up late or having junk food for dinner should all be restricted because a good night’s sleep is directly proportionate to physical as well as mental well being. And if a child is happy inside, she/he will also be happy outside.
In this day and age, mobile phones and tabs have become a part of our life but they don’t have to be for the children. YouTube videos are okay but not for hours and cartoons, as entertaining as they are, should not be watched for long. Try to create healthy habits such as playing outdoors, drawing, singing, dancing and other extracurricular activities which will get the children off the couch.