An alarming report, on the fact that the old Jamaatul Mujahid Bangladesh (JMB) is trying to regroup, especially targeting the month of August and Eid-ul-Azha, has been revealed by Bangladesh Post, a leading English daily of the country. This report also suspects that this may bring about some catastrophic events for the country including a large scale attack.
Bangladesh government has successfully managed to control JMB activities and is trying ceaselessly to uproot the nexus; but the mission is not completed yet and it may take more time than we think. We need not to be panicked but we need to be alert and vigilant all the time.
Earlier, Holey Artisan attack made the intelligence agencies to think that perhaps the oId JMB is trying to be united again with new threat for the country, and based on the past incidents the claim is not totally unjustified.
According to the report of Bangladesh Post, it is suspected by an officer of the Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit that the old JMB leaders are giving instructions to their members to carry out hijacking and robberies across the country to raise fund, which suggests that they are trying to regain their power to organize future attacks.
On the other hand, police has claimed that no militant organization has enough strength to carry out any terror attack in the country and police have taken a strong position to handle any situation. They are alert so that no attack can be carried out by the terrorists.
Still, the fact should not be avoided as the month of August is knocking at door and Muslims are preparing to celebrate another grand festival, Eid-ul-Azha. It has been noticed that terrorists mostly carry out their attacks during festivals when people generally remain relaxed. Moreover, Bangladesh has witnessed such attack on August, the month of mourning, earlier. Here the police including other forces need to establish strong monitoring systems. Strong security system can only assure people to observe 15 August and celebrate the Eid with peace and without the fear of any
terrible attack.