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Staff Correspondent
Chief Election Commissioner KM Nurul Huda on Tuesday instructed magistrates to maintain peaceful election atmosphere and sought cooperation from all to keep the political environment stable during the election campaign.
“The electioneering heat has already spread. We have to remain alert about the situation of the polls campaign so that the electoral heat does not make the polls atmosphere heated up”, he said at a briefing for the magistrates.
Once there was an invisible and artificial wall between the judges and general people. The wall is gradually diminishing, he said while speaking at Nirbachan Bhaban, Agargaon in the capital. CEC said, “All political parties have started campaigning for the polls with a positive view. No big conflict has happened centring this massive election till now. We are very hopeful that you will do your duties properly to hold a successful and peaceful election.”
“Our aim is to conduct the elections properly so that no conflict or misunderstanding can develop. We have to ensure that everyone follows the electoral code of conduct,” he added.
Pointing out that the day after the election is crucial, the CEC urged the magistrates to remain cautious so that there can be no violence centering on the day after the elections.
“Judges are judges. A judge will never discriminate upon anyone’s affiliation. It is our expectation that you find out proper judgment. You will do as much as required to conduct a fair election,” Huda also said.
In eleventh parliamentary elections, more than 10 crore 42 lakh voters will franchise their voting right. The Election Commission is making arrangements for their polling in 40 thousand 183 polling stations in three seats.