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Shameem Ahmed, Magura
Once Magura was a natural sanctuary of local fishes. History tells that the district was named as Magura due to abundant production of Magur fish in the rivers.
The local fish has now turned into a story only. Moreover, many fishers of indigenous species are also on the verge of extinction in the district.
Magura district fisheries office sources said that about 20 species of indigenous fishes are fighting for survival.
The fishes include Tean Kata, Aei . Tatkiny, Batashi, Chala, Roina, Gazar, Kazori, Kholsha and Sharputy. The fisher are now on the verge of extinction in the district.
Five rivers flowing over the district- Nabaganga, Kumar, Gorai, Fatki and Chitra- have lost navigability. Want of normal flow of water in the rivers have made survival of the fishes uncertain. Though safe shelter for fishes was set up in rivers, they are failing to play desired goal in saving indigenous fishes. In want of constant finding safe shelters are facing set back.
Anuradah Rani, a housewife of Islampur area in Magura town, said, “Although we purchase some fishes like Aeir, Sharfuty and Koi from local market, these are produced by cultivation artificially and these are quite different from indigenous species in taste and flavor.”
Shafiqur Rahman, executive director of Palli Prokrity, an environment based NGO, said that the indigenous fishes are not important only in view of taste and flavor, these are also a part of our glorious heritage. “It is true to cope with our increasing population we are being compelled to produce high breed fishes.
But at the same time we should adopt proper planning to save our indigenous fishes to uphold our glorious heritage,” he said.
Magura district fisheries officer Narayan Chandra Dash admitted that many species of indigenous fishes are on the verge of the extinction. When he was asked about safe shelter of fish, he said that the safe shelter for fishes are run on the basis of project. “When project is closed we cannot run the safe shelter in want of funding. For saving our indigenous fishes by making safe shelter constant funding is a must ,” he said.