Mustard growers informed that they are waiting for harvesting mustard. As high yielding seeds were used for cultivation of mustard and congenial weather is prevailing in this district, growers are optimistic to get a plenteous production.
Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) Magura informed, a total of 12,590 hectares of land have been brought under mustard cultivation in the district this season and expected production is 13,850 tonnes.
To boost the cultivation 5,000 farmers were provided with incentive. Under the incentive programme each farmer got one kg seed, 20 kg DAP and 10 kg MOP at free of cost.
Goladi Biswas, a farmer of village Isakada under Magura Sadar upazila said, this season I have brought my two bighas of land under mustard cultivation. I am expecting eight maund of the crop from my land.
Belayet Hossen, a farmer of village Nakol under Sreepur upazila said, I have brought my one bigha of land under mustard cultivation this season.
Severe cold is prevailing in the district for two weeks.
Such weather has come as a boon for the crop’s production. Moreover, I received quality seeds and fertiliser from DAE free of cost. All these have made me optimistic to get a good yield of the produce.
Magura DAE official Shohrab Hosen said, we have provided the mustard farmers with incentive. At the same time we gave them training and advices.
Now we are waiting for an abundant production of mustard.