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Generation of a surface water treatment plant with a capacity of 90 million liters daity (mld) will start at Modunaghat from the Halda river in this month under a project financed by the World Bank.
Last week Chattagram WASA launched a part in the Madunaghat Water Treatment Project on experimental basis. The water treatment plants have been constructed in the Madunaghat area of Chattagram-Kaptai road in Hathazari.
According to the CWASA sources, the work of the Madhunaghat water supply project of TK 1,890 crore started in 2011. However, the Physical implementation of the project was started middle of the 2015. In this project, the World Bank financed Tk 1,494 crore 9 lakhs, Bangladesh government 373 crore 37 lakh and Chittagong WASA 22 crore 54 lakhs.
The main objectives of the project are to refine the surface water after lifting it from the river Halda and supply it to the city. In the northeast part of the city, continuous supply of water to the eastern part of the greater Baklia, Mohra, Chandgaon, Kalaamia Bazar, Kalpolok residential, Rahattarpur, Khatunganj, Khwaja Road, DC Road, Siraj O Daulah Road and Patenga area will be ensured.
CWASA Managing Director Engineer Mohammad Fazlullah said that the project is going to be complete by November this year. Then, 9 million liters of water will add to WASA pipeline daily. The demand for water in other parts of the city will also be possible to meet.”
He said, one of the main objectives of this project is to reduce the dependence on underground water. In the last few decades, the groundwater level in Chattagram has dropped a lot. As a result, water supply of Chittagong WASA has decreased considerably. This problem will reduce if the water supply starts at full speed in the Madunaghat project.
After the completion of those ongoing projects of CWASA, the water demand of Chattagram City will be fully met. He added.
CWASA has been carrying out works of the treatment plant and pump station under a component of Chattagram Water Supply Improvement and Sanitation Project (CWSISP) to cope with increasing demand of the essential amenity of daily life.
Chattagram city has a demand of over 500 million litre water per day (mld). With Madunaghat Project the total supply of water will increase to 390 MLD to meet demand of 84 percent people of the port city.
CWASA has reviewed the Medium Term Strategic Plan and developed a new Plan for July, 2015 – June 2020 aimed at responding to the change of the service area and change of Legislation. The plan has been prepared in compliance with the National Water Policy 1999, Bangladesh National policy for safe water supply & sanitation1998 and the key national planning documents such as Vision 2021.