Australia’s chances of thriving against India this summer will rest as much upon the capacity of Nathan Lyon to restrain the touring team’s talented batting line-up as on the ability of the “big three” of Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood and Pat Cummins to attack them, according to Hazelwood, reports ESPNCricnifo.
“He’s the key for me with the four of us, you have Starcy who bowls shorter spells and sometimes Patty too so to have Nath, it even worked well two weeks ago when we played the shield game,” Hazlewood said. “Nathan pretty much bowled from one end after the new ball and we filtered through from the other end, it’s hard to get a fun off him and he takes wickets, it’s good to have that down the other end and he makes that group what it is.
“That was the key last year, the partnerships. We always talk about batting in partnerships. The way we bowled it wasn’t about any individual, we all took 20 wickets plus the whole summer. Partnerships are a big one for us, always bowling for the guys following you. We’re all leaders in our own right.”
“To be honest the people who shine the ball are the ones who don’t sweat, it’s as simple as that,” Hazlewood said. “The bowlers sweat a lot when they bowl and you don’t want it getting wet, you want to keep it dry and shine it. It’s two guys who don’t sweat, simple as that
“It’s pretty common sense. The rules are pretty clear now, it’s good to have it in black and white