Twin Cheese and Patty Burger Place: The Pabulum Price: 275 TK

Zakia Tasnim Chowdhury
Now-a-days it seems like every chef or restaurants are selling burgers. The first and most obvious answer to the question of why we’re so obsessed with burgers is: burgers are cheaper than other platters and it savors our appetite perfectly. Burger fills you up just as much as the filet of trout from an expensive restaurant would do and it almost always comes with a generous pile of fries. So it’s an economical, filling option which is appealing.
The increasing amount of burger shops has attracted the burger lovers’ attention. Burgers used to be boring in previous time, where there used to be buns filled with chicken or beef patty. But, now, burger shops have come up with various fillings like cheese, pickles, mushroom and French Fries.
So metropolitans these believe that, “We all need to make time for a burger once in a while!”

BBQ Double Patty Chicken Cheese Burger
Place: Burger Attack
Price: 230 TK


BBQ Chicken Supreme Burger
Place: Chef’s Cuisine
Price: 320 TK