When the Ganges-Kobadak (GK) authority of Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) failed to remove water hyacinth and weeds from their irrigation canal at Shailkupa upazila inJhenidah, a few hundred farmers had done the work. They cleaned the waste from the irrigation canal titles S9K on Monday.

Mustafa Azamal Mukul, former chairman of Manaharpur Union Parishad and president of S9K irrigation canal management committee, and renowned farmers’ leader Rashidul Hasan Mia led the farmers engaged in cleaning the irrigation canal.

The locals said that thousands acres of land of Khalkula, Bijulia, Manharpur and Damukdia were deprived of irrigation water supply from the GK project canal of S9K when the canal was filled with water hyacinth and weeds for over a year. The situation was graved when the authority stopped renovate the canals.

They had contacted the authority several times but they could not get any positive result. Finding no other alternative, the villagers started cleaning the irrigation canal with their own efforts and labour. The removed the untoward water hyacinth and weeds from the canal which started resume the supply immediately.

GK Project’s deputy chief extension officer Abdul Matin said that the initiative of the farmers have opened their eyes. It was simply a testimony of unity of the locals. It will ensure smooth supply of irrigation water on the croplands round the year when necessary.

Delwar Kabir, Jhenidah