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The local electronics and electrical appliances manufacturer Marcel has brought 66 models of frost, non-frost and deep fridges on the occasion of the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha, one of the biggest festivals of Muslim community to be held in the next month.
In addition, the local brand has set a target of selling at least one lakh units of fridges during the current and the next month as the sales of fridges are usually increased remarkably ahead of Qurbani Eid, said a company statement.
Marcel has targeted to record at least 40 percent growth in sales of fridges, televisions, air-conditioners and other home appliances during the month of July and August this year comparing to that in the same period a year ago.
Walton officials said, they marketed more than 200 models of various sorts of products in the local market. As customers got highest standard of products at reasonable prices, a large number of customers thronged Marcel outlets during the month of Ramadan this year surpassing the target set for the season, they said.
To maintain the present pace of sales growth, Marcel has now taken various initiatives like releasing new models of products, bringing diversity in both the designs and the colours of products, increasing production of fridges in the factory.
On the occasion of Qurbani Eid, Marcel is now conducting Eid Mega Digital Campaign across the county offering free brand new car, fridge, television, air-conditioners or sure cash-back on the registration of each fridge, television or air-conditioner from any Marcel outlets across the country.
According to the Marcel sales representatives, they marketed 66 models of different sorts of fridges, including 52 models of frost refrigerators, 2 models of non-frost refrigerators and 12 models of freezers. Among the frost fridges, 11 are tempered glass door refrigerators with lucrative designs and colours. In addition, Marcel brand has two models of non-frost refrigerators with huge power efficient inverter technology’s compressors. The local brand is using globally recognised environment-friendly R600a refrigerant in the fridge compressors.
Dr Md. Shakhawat Hossen, marketing head of Marcel, said, they recorded 35 percent growth in sales of fridges during the first half of the current year comparing to that in the corresponding period of previous year. They also registered 40 and 60 percent growth in the sales of televisions and air-conditioners during the same period.
Customers of Marcel products are getting swift post sales services from more than 70 service points under the ISO certified service management system of Marcel. In addition, customers can inform about their post sales service through calling Marcel customer care number ‘16267.’

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