BP Report
Breach of the city master plan in constructing buildings in Dhaka has disturbing become a usual affair.
Most of the housebilders build their house encroaching upon roads in violating the building code, but the Rajdhani Unnayan Karipakkha (Rajuk), which is authorised to monitor irregularities in building construction, it appears that, has turned a blind eye to the issue.
The problem has already turned so severe that the local road networks in most parts of the city has shrunk by up to eight feet, from 20 feet to around 12 or 14 feet, creating serious traffic jams every day. Besides, in many instances like that shown in the accompanying photograph taken from Moghbazar area, buildings have been erected dangerously close to roadside electrical posts which often have electrical transformer installed on them, leaving the dwellers of the buildings at risks of serious accidents.
Locals have demanded that the transformer be immediately relocated to some safer place.
They also fear that if the road is not widened, rescue operations during emergencies like fire or earthquake will be seriously hampered because fire fighters will not be able to reach the spot through the narrow roads.