Anwar Hossain

The Biman Bangladesh Airlines would not face any disruption in flight schedule as the Saudi authorities have recently lifted the ban on newly-leased aircraft for hajj flights.

Earlier, the Saudi authorities imposed an embargo on the hajj flight operations with leased airliners suddenly, putting the Biman’s smooth flight operation under threat.

Biman’s general manager (public relations) Shakil Meraj said, “We had been put in dilemma subsequent to a sudden ban by the Saudi Aviation Authority imposed on the leased aircraft.”
“It’s now a great relief for us that the Saudi authorities withdrew the ban, thanks to the good diplomatic relations with the Saudi Arabia.” Meanwhile, more than 20000 hajj tickets still remain unsold. This year a total of 126798 pilgrims will go to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj. Of them, 6,798 will perform Hajj under the government management while 120000 under private management. A total of 528 private hajj agencies under the government supervision are conducting hajj operations.

As per the hajj office information, out of the total pilgrims, till Saturday some 31471 pilgrims get their visas while some 95327 pilgrims have not got their visa yet. But some 39587 Demand Order for visa purpose have been issued till Saturday.

The authorities said all the pilgrims will get their visa within the scheduled time. Hajj Agencies Association of Bangladesh is continuously saying all private hajj travel agencies to collect their visas at the earliest.

HAAB director general Shahadat Hossain Taslim said there are some other issues like house rent, getting No Objection Certificate (NOC) and others.
The complexity that seems to emerge might end soon, he added.