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By Sharif Shahabuddin
Students suffer for teacher’s mistakes. Nation suffers when nation’s leaders make mistakes. What Mr Jinnah did by creating a religion based Pakistan will certainly be judged by history. And only the students of history will put him in real place that he deserves.
The people of the Indian sub-continent, every single moment, feel with saddened heart and remember the tragic incidents when they lost their nearest and dearest ones during the Direct Action days declared by Jinnah to create Pakistan.
When the future students will undertake “the creation of Pakistan” as a research work, what will he or she find? They will find a real picture. Nobody can prevent them from getting to know the reality. There will be no Pakistan Military, no Islamic Extremist cadres moving around him with grenade and Kalashnikov assault rifles, which take lives of innocent kids.
On 16 December 2014, six gunmen affiliated with the Tehrik-i-Taliban of Pakistan attacked the Army Public School in the Northwestern Pakistan city of Peshawar. The terrorists had killed 149 people including 132 children. When the terrorists can take lives of the kids, they can do whatever they please.
It is reported in the foreign press that the Islamic Extremists are getting support from every agency and every source of power in that country. It is not acceptable to anybody in the world that the army, police and other security agencies of Pakistan can’t curb these terrorists. Unless there is something unexpected and fishy inside the government, they can’t be able to reach up to that extent by breaking such a fortified security measures of Pakistan. The legacy of violence, which culminated to terrorism, had originated from the Direct Action program followed by Two Nation Theory of Jinnah. And as a result, once peace-loving people, who had created a unique example of harmony of religious tolerance, became hostile to each other. Burning of houses, stabbing and shooting rampage had taken lives and are still taking lives of the innocent people because of the situation created under the impact of Direct Action, and the Two Nation Theory.
It is known to all that after a long struggle and sacrifice by the heroes of India’s soil, finally the historic Quit India movement was launched by Mohandas Gandhi after passing resolution in the AICC on 8 August 1942. And in the face of Quit India movement the British got the message that their days in India were numbered. So, they had resorted to promoting Jinnah and his Two Nation Theory to divide India. And they have been successful in doing so with the direct help of Muslim League and its founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah.
Congress leaders including Gandhi, Mawlana Abul Kalam Azad, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sharojini Naidu and other nationalist leaders, who had thought to be an Indian-meaning the citizens of the United States of India, could have understood earlier that Jinnah vowed to break Indian at any cost with the British support. So, finding no other alternative, they all accepted the division of India. With the direct support of British colonial rulers, Jinnah got Pakistan created. And India was divided. One part is India and the other part was Pakistan.
Indian leadership practised democracy with Nehru as its Prime Minister and on the contrary, Pakistan started practising the British style rule with Jinnah as the Governor General of Pakistan. Because of their long dedication and devotion to establishing democracy the Indian leaders were respectful to the will of the people and over the long course of democratic journey India has been recognized as the biggest democracy in the world. On the other hand, due to its undemocratic practices, behaviour and attitude, Pakistan has established itself as a terrorist dominated rogue state. And that is what the leaders of two different values created the two different countries.