Flourishing a constructive relationship between a teacher and a student is a fundamental aspect of quality teaching and student learning. The relationship should be like friends. There must be a cordial mutual understanding between them. And when a student steps to school he wants someone who should befriend him. He tries to make relationship with people around him especially the teachers. Gradually he develops confidence to succeed and experiment in a positive environment where he does not have the fear of failure. And then a student can speak freely with teachers and can find the solution together. This caters to a strong relationship.
The strong relationship makes the communication skills better, and students will respect the teachers more and that will make them more attentive towards the class. This will surely grow interests in them towards the lessons taught in classes. Having a very good relationship with a teacher will make students free from tensions, worries etc. If they are close to a teacher and share problems with him, the teacher will surely solve it. Thus they can study very well, and getting a good guidance from a teacher will always lead them to the good path.
A trusting classroom with mutual respect completes everyone with active, engaging learning opportunities. Classroom is a place which plays an important role in development of a student’s character and behaviour. It helps in nourishing a student to become a good citizen.
It is very important to build up a very good relationship with a teacher after knowing each other properly. A teacher can help his students in great difficulties than a best friend can. A friend can console during bad times whereas a teacher can surely give proper guidance and can stand with the students to face any problem. This will automatically give courage to face any bad situation.
Similarly, teachers should create a developing and structural environment. A structured classroom should comprise learning activities. The instructor or teacher must be enthusiastic and impassioned about the contents they are teaching. When a teacher introduces a new content passionately, students will surely get just as excited as the teacher will. This increases productive learning.
Teachers should approach their class everyday with a positive attitude. Positivity is always surpassing. If the teacher is positive, the students will generally be positive. A teacher should explain a clear summary to their students regarding the contents of the syllabus. This will boost up a student’s trust for their teachers, and they will understand that their teacher has their best interests towards the classroom.
Learning should be fun and attractive. The creation of an enjoyable learning environment encourages student attendance and participation. Students love creative, appealing and engaging lessons that hold their attention and make them attentive in the learning process. Students are always enthusiastic for both visual and technology based lessons. They also want their teachers to incorporate creative, fun, engaging activities into their daily classroom.
As a parent, it is important to understand how to develop positive teacher-student relationships as only schools and teachers cannot help students achieve their full academic potential. Parents and teachers should team up as partners for their mutual responsibility towards a shared goal for supporting students as learners. Both have common expectations for a student’s academic performance, attendance, and behaviour both in and out of school. Forming connections develop an intentional and ongoing relationship between teachers and parents that can enhance children’s reading and learning.
Well it is very much necessary for all to understand that a positive relationship is very much necessary between students and teachers. Success of students is the goal and an optimistic healthy relationship is the key to open that door of success.

The writer is working with Bangladesh Post

Badhan Sarkar