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On the occasion of International Mother Language Day, noted singer Kamal Ahmed has released his new album ‘Ekusher Sharalipi’ under the banner of Laser Vision. The album contains 12 songs dedicated to the special day. The notable songs in the album include ‘Antorjatik Matri Bhasha Dibash’, ‘Ekushey February’, ‘Amar Basha Matribhasha’, ‘Bhasha Shahidera’, ‘Ekush Tumi Lal Potaka’ and ‘Mayer Moto Matribhasha’.
The lyrics of the songs is written by Azad Rahman, K G Mostofa, Fazal A Khoda, Soumitra Banarjee, Shafat Khayyam, M R Monju, Mujahidul Haque Lenin, Shyamoli Mondol and Mohammad Faisal Khan while the songs has been composed by Azad Rahman, Sheikh Saadi Khan, Mohammed Nazrul Islam, Mohammad Shah Newaz, Ali Hossain and Mujahidul Haque Lenin among others.
Singer Kamal Ahmed is better known as a devoted and noted Tagore Singer in addition to his responsibilities of a capable executive in Bangladesh Betar and Bangladesh Television. This is the first time, he has done an album on International Mother Language Day. Some of his notable works include ‘Shada Megher Bhela’, ‘Nana Ronger Dinguli’, ‘Poth Chawatei Ananda’, ‘Falguner Dine’, ‘Nishshobdo Charane’, ‘Godhuli’ and ‘Odhora’ among others.