A still from the drama

Entertainment Desk
Written and directed by Manosh Pal and Golam Habib Litu respectively, the telefilm ‘Kutum Pakhi’ was aired on Channel-i on Thursday. Faria, Farhan Ahmed Jovan, Shirin Alam and Mukul Siraj star in the teleflim.
Addressing several key social and family issues, the teleflim revolves around the story of two brothers named Alal and Dulal, both of whom are wood smith by profession. They have a small shop at the local market where they make wooden furniture and sell them cheaply. Alal is married and lives along with his wife, mother and brother. With a view to earning more and have a better life, Alal decides to travel overseas in search of work.
It has been eight months since Alal has travelled abroad in search of fortune. During this time, he hasn’t made any contact with his family. His family and friends starts believing that he is no more. This poses a certain dilemma for his eight month pregnant wife. What is she going to do now?