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O Hey Shyam—a playback track in the new film Poramon 2, rendered by popular singer Dilshad Nahar Kona and Imran, has created huge buzz among the viewers. The song is also being heard on the lip of the viewers across the country, thanks to the Raihan Rafi-directed film Poramon 2. The audience still shows their interest to watch the film as well as the song on the big screen after several weeks of its release. Singer Kona is really thrilled with the popularity of the song.
Kona said, “I heard that the song O Hey Shyam was written by Shah Alam Sarkar, which is more than 100 years old. I think the reason behind the popularity of the song is, it is deeply connected to our rural songs created with sweet and melodious tune. I personally liked this song very much and its lyric is truly beautiful.”
“I never thought the song would be liked by everyone in this way. I am grateful to the audiences for accepting the song”, she added.
Tune of O Hey Shyam belongs to Shah Alam Sarkar. National Film Award-winning musician Emon Saha has done the music arrangement of the song in a new manner.
On the other hand, Kona’s new music video titled Swapno is expected to be released on RTV’s official YouTube channel very soon. The work of the song was completed before the FIFA World Cup.
The song Swapno is composed by Sudip Kumar Dip while the music arrangement of the song is done by Shawkat Ali Emon. The music video is directed by Shah Amir Khasru.
Moreover, Kona’s recent two lyrical videos titled Ki Isharay and Nimontron were released on YouTube.