Tauquir Ahmed in a scene

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The movie ‘Komola Rocket’ added yet another feather to its crown, with receiving the Special Jury Award in the recently concluded Nepal International Film Festival (NIFF). The announcement was made on Monday, at the last day of the festival. The movie took part at the festival in the international competition section.
The film directed by Noor Imran Mithu also took part in the Festival du Film de Asia in France this month, receiving the Jury Award at the sixth edition of the festival.
‘Komola Rocket’ has been a force to reckon with, since its release in July, last year. Since then, the movie has been praised by fans and audience in Bangladesh, as well as by the viewers in several international festivals. As a result, the film has recently been added to the popular online platform Netflix. The movie was based on novels ‘Moulik’ and ‘Cyprus’ written by writer Shahaduzzaman. The screenplay of the movie was written by Mithu and the writer himself.
The lead characters of the movie are Tauquir Ahmed and Mosharraf Karim. The other cast of the film include Joy Raj, Samia Sayeed, Sheoti, Dominique Gomez, Bappa Shandru, Sujat Shimul and Abu Raihan Rasel among others.