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To keep playing a strong role in ensuring double digit growth of the economy, the banking sector needs to be knowledge-based.

In this regard, higher authorities of banks should build their employees as skill forces who will ensure a proper growth of this sector.

Bangladesh Bank (BB) Governor Fazle Kabir on Saturday made these remarks while addressing as the chief guest on the occasion of the 11th Prize Distribution Ceremony of the Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh (IBB) at BIBM auditorium in Dhaka.

The BB governor said bankers should keep on developing themselves as countless challenges are coming in the future.

Bankers should learn all kinds of development in the sector, especially technological development, to keep pace with the current world.

He urged the young bankers to prepare for the challenges and upgrade themselves with the technological advancement being evolved every moment.

Fazle Kabir said promotions should not be awarded to the bankers so easily, rather higher bank authorities should add several criteria beforehand and the central bank will give relevant guidelines about this issue soon.

The governor further said that IBB and BIBM are offering different courses to the bank employees to enhance their knowledge and skills on this sector.

“As banks recruit officials of different backgrounds, the banking diploma courses play a crucial role to enhance their banking knowledge,” Fazle Kabir said.

Meanwhile, he said the banking sector should play a crucial role to ensure double digit growth of the economy in order to ultimately achieve the status of a developed country by 2041.

He emphasised building export-oriented and manufacturing-dominant economy to maintain sustainable growth.

Referring to the fact that the bond and capital market cannot perform as per expectations, Kabir said bankers should play the leading role to maintain the proper economic growth.

However in the event, top scorers of the diploma courses during the period between 2010 and 2015 were awarded gold and silver medals including cash prizes.

IBB distributed a total of 15 gold and 24 silver medals and 104 cash prizes amongst the winners.

DG of BIBM Dr Prashanta Kumar Banerjee, Secretary General of IBB Mohammad Naushad Ali Chowdhury and higher officials of many banks were present on the occasion.