The long-term effects of our sedentary lifestyle and lack of activity is mostly early onset diabetes and hypertension. If these diseases remain untreated or unmanaged for long, they can lead to kidney or renal failure and eventually death. Along with balanced diet, exercise and in some cases, proper medication, the patients can live a relatively better life. However, the cost of dialysis for kidney failures in Bangladesh is still not within everyone’s reach.
Kidneys are quite like the sieves which we use while pouring tea, the unwanted bits get filtered and later excreted. When the kidneys fail to filter toxic wastes of the human body, dialysis tries to take its place and purify the blood. Usually, patients need 2-3 days of dialysis every week and sometimes the kidneys can regain their functions after a series of dialysis. Nephrologists say that kidney dialysis is a time consuming and careful process and needs utmost attention. According to sources, 1 out of every 7 kidney patients in the country needs dialysis but treatment facilities are not sufficient in number and poor families find it difficult to bear the cost. Authorities concerned should build more treatment centers for the underprivileged and also lower the medicine cost so that they too can get help from dialysis and lead a better life.
There is only so much that doctors are able to do, a lot of the things depend on us. Eating table salt and foods with high preservatives such as chips, pickles should be regulated for children and adults. Our traditional dishes also tend to contain excessive salt and red meat which are bad for kidneys. If parents are diabetic, children should get their blood sugar tested frequently. Most importantly, a healthy lifestyle should be followed by everyone regardless of their age and background.