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Khagrachhari is 112 km away from Chattogram town and is a part of the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Locally Khagrachhari is known by many names, for example, Chengmi, Mong Circle etc.
Nowadays the images that are available on the internet are enough to state how fascinating places for tourists to visit. Khagrachhari hosts a variety of tribal communities and tourists attending Khagrachhari can meet them and see how beautiful these people are so close to nature despite facing everyday hardships.
The trees surround the hilly area, the roads moving in random directions, going up in one direction to one of the mountain peaks, and the same way coming down at somewhere else down to the house of the villagers, is more than nine tourist spots to visit. All these make a trip to Khagrachhari a must for all adventure and nature lovers. Khagrachhari’s natural beauty is truly incomparable.
How to go
There are two ways by road to reach to Khagrachhari. One is via Baroiar Hat from Dhaka to there, and another is through Chittagong from Dhaka to Khagrachhari. There are bus services such as which goes directly from Dhaka to Khagrachhari via Chittagong or Baroiar Hat.
From the main town of Khagrachhari, there are vehicle services which known as “Chader Gari” is used to visit the various tourist destination of the adjacent area. Local bus or jeep is also available, and the local bus costs very less to travel.
Places to visit
The topmost places for tourists to visit in Khagrachhari are Alutila Hill and Cave, Richhang Waterfall, Dhighinala Maniker Dhigi, Yonger Buddha Bihar, Panichari Buddha Sculpture, Hundred or more year old Banyan tree, Nunchori Debota pond, Sajek and Marissa valley, Sapachari Waterfall and plenty more spots. Tourists have a wide range of options to choose from which places they want to visit in Khagrachhari.
There are various ways of going to these tourists’ spots from Khagrachhari town. For example, those who want to go to Richhang Waterfall can hop on the buses which depart from Khagrachhari town to Chittagong and Feni. During the journey, tourists will see a sign on the highway indicating them of the Waterfall. Then tourists must get down from the bus and follow the direction of the signboard to the Richhang Waterfall. It is 2.1 kilometres approximately to Richhang Waterfall from the signboard. There are various hills and enchanted greenery around the path and for those who have their vehicle they can use that as well to reach to the Waterfall.
Also to see the hundred-year-old Banyan tree tourists will have to hop on the bus which leaves for Chittagong and Feni. The bus will cost around 20 taka per person and will take the tourists to a place called Matiranga. From there tourists will find motor cycles available for 80 to 100 taka to make them to the hundred or more year old Banyan tree.
To visit the place known as the Panichari Brihot (Greatest) Buddha Sculpture tourists will have to go to an area known as Shantipur Aranny Kuthir, 25 kilometres south from Khagrachhari, by bus. The bus fare will be around 35 taka per person and the road on which the bus travels is flat. Here is situated the most massive statue of Gautama the Buddha.