Rahul Roy, Jashore
The much expected bridge on the Kapotaksha River near Keshabpur border area has not been in long 47 years, even after repeated demand made by the locals for decades, leaving thousands of people of the locality at the hands of immeasurable sufferings.
People of 12 villages are being bound to go through a long 20-km roundabout way in order to cross a distance of only one-kilometer path.
Everyday hundreds of school and college going students taking risk of their lives are being forced to cross the river using bamboo-made bridge.
People living on both sides of the river, Kolaroa and Keshabpur, have been urging the authorities concerned for years to construct a bridge on the river since the liberation of the country but in vain.
It has been learnt that many people from Trimohini area under Keshabpur go to Kolaroa under Satkhira every day one various daily purposes and vice versa.
Locals said due to the lack of a bridge they are forced to go through a long 20-km roundabout way in order to cross a distance of only one-kilometer path, wasting much time as well as creating sufferings for the children and women.
They said whenever a national election comes people living on the banks of the river eagerly wait for a public representative who would finally facilitate the construction of the much desired bridge.
During a recent spot visit at Keshabpur this correspondent came to know that if only half a kilometer bridge is constructed beside the Trimohini Bazar area, 13 kilometre away from Keshabpur Sadar, people of Keshabpur and its adjacent areas would have got rid of the useless hard labour of travelling long 20 kilometers path.
Swapan Dutt, a shopkeeper at Trimohini Bazar,There is a long distance between your desire and what you really get. Realising this people from both sides of Kapotaksha constructed the risky bamboo bridge from their own contributions.”
Informing that thousands of people from 12 villages cross the bridge for daily purpose, he said, “As it is a bamboo bridge, bicycles and motorcycles are the only mode of transport for the people.”

Contacted, Keshabpur upazila engineer Md Munsur Ali said, “The upazila administration has sent proposal to the ministry several times for a bridge at that place. If the authorities approve, the bridge would be constructed without any delay.”