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Kangana Ranaut is one of the few actors in Bollywood who doesn’t shy away from expressing her opinions. The actor was recently asked if she’s paid any price for being an outspoken person in Bollywood and here’s what she had to say.
Of the many actors in Bollywood, there is only a handful who won’t bat an eyelid before voicing their opinion and sharing their side of the story. And leading the wagon is none other than Bollywood’s own ‘Queen’ Kangana Ranaut. The actor has courted several controversies with Bollywood heavyweights, courtesy her unabashed opinions. Whether it was calling Karan Johar the “flag bearer of nepotism” or opening up about her alleged affair with Hrithik Roshan- Kangana does it all.
In an interaction with Film Companion that took place on the sidelines of the Cannes Film festival, the actor was asked if she has paid a price for being an outspoken person in the mainstream Hindi film industry. And while many would have expected her to say yes, the actor took a stand that will surprise you all.
She said, “I don’t think I’ve paid any price. In fact, I’ve earned a lot by standing up against bullies and speaking against things that I feel are not right. Like I said, I am no standard to measure whether things are right or wrong. But what I feel, I’ve always been honest to what I stand for. But like I said, that’s not the barometer for society or parameter to see things as right or wrong.”
She added, “But that’s for my peace and my happiness. And i think that’s what one needs to do with bullies. Bullies need to be put in their place and that’s what I did. Bullies need to be put in their place and that’s what I did.”
—Source: Times Now